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Coupons (Promo codes)
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Price: 19.95EUR
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Item Description

Coupons module allows adding discount coupon codes option to PHP Classifieds. Coupons module allows to create promotions and offer coupon discounts to your customers.

This module makes it possible for administrators to create discount coupon codes. Website members can enter a coupon number on the order page. Administrator may set how many times the coupon may be used, expiration date, description of the coupon and the discount.

Coupon module may be also configured to offer credit package along side with discounts. This may be useful for member who uses credit system.

Coupon module allows administrators to see how many times a coupon was used, delete it, edit it, and add a new coupon. New coupon may be created automatically with Random Phrase Generator or may be entered manually by administrator.

* This module was specially designed for Advanced Subscription Module and is included into that package.

For more information contact us here.

PHP Classifieds versions: 7.3-7.5

Coupons list (Back end):

Creating new Coupon (Back end):

Enter coupon and adjust price with discount (Front end):

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