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Advanced Extra Packages
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Price: 39.95EUR
Require installation:

Item Description

Advanced Extra Packages System allows you create extra payment packages for user's ads. With this module your members can buy Featured option for 60 days themselves, or add 100 hits for their ads and rise viewed position, or Make it BOLD titled for 30 days or anything else. Everything is possible and easy now.

Main features:
  • Includes Coupons module pre-installed Save 19.95 Euro
  • Unlimited number of Extra Packages types By default there are 4 Extra Packages Types available:
    1) Make ad Featured
    2) Bold highlight
    3) Make top rated (by changing XXX highest votes)
    4) Make top viewed (by adding XXX hits)
    Any extra type may be easily added by adding function to function list in Admin Panel.
  • Time and value based packages available Each package may be time or value based. For example if you add package for "Make it Featured" you set number of days, if you add package for "Make it tope viewed" you set number of hits which should be added for advertisement.
  • Set any prices for each category separately or for group of categories You may set different prices for categories. For example Featured listing for Autos category may cost 60 Euro but for Real Estate category it costs 120 Euro.
  • Add as many packages with different terms as you want
  • Comlex notification system For each package you may set 2 types of notifications: 1) Notification about expired option 2) Notification that option is going to expire. For each type of notification you may set number of days and how often the reminder should be sent (daily, 1 time a week etc)
  • Compatible with all payment gateways from PHP Classifieds. Accept payment from 2checkout, paypal, or anything else. Accept manual payments (wire transfer or check for example) and Point Exchange System for 123Ticket SMS&Billing Gateway.
  • Create packages available only for admin. This options may be useful if you've just started your website and want some options never expire. Then create package for 1-2 years and assign it only for admins.
  • You can easily adjust any ad(s) with Extra Packages in admin panel manually (may be useful for manual payments for example).
  • Language files based. Easy to translate to any language
  • Template based. Easy to change style
And much more...

* For more information contact us here.

PHP Classifieds versions: 7.3-7.5

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Extra Packages list (Back end):

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