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Additional Services and Extra user options
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Price: 24.95EUR
Require installation:

Item Description

This module brings you an opportunity to sell additional services to your customers. For example you may offer to print booklets, to buy advertisement places, to be paid for assistance etc. If you always feel the need to give your members direct payment link then you should pay attention on this module. Just add an item with full description and users will be able to choose and purchase this item themselves. You don't need to prepare direct payment link in PayPal account every time you want to provide with additional service. There are all types of notifications for admin and users: about new payment, about new comments, when the status of the order is updated etc. This module also allows to add extra options for your members in automatic mode. This may be useful if you need to update member's account manually (by editing database). For that you just add a function and when you create new item in member area just fill the function name. This may be adding credits, adding more allowed images for members, setting vendor status etc. Each function is executed automatically once the payment is finished. So you don't need to go to phpMyAdmin and update the base manually every time. This module saves your and customer's time and allows you to earn more money providing with different additional services.
  • This module is language file based and may be translated completely (fron and back end) to any language.
  • This module also includes Coupons (Promotional codes) module which price is 24.95 Euro. Coupons module is included into this module for free. With this module you may allow special programs (discounts) when you are promoting any services. Read more about it here.
  • This module accepts all payment gateways used in PHP Classifieds.
  • This module is compatible with SMS Payment Gateway module.
  • This module may be installed and used alogn side with all other Payment modules developed by
  • Easy to install and configure (5 minutes installation).
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PHP Classifieds versions: 7.3-7.5

Recommended to use with:
SMS & CALL Billing (123Ticket Integration)
Advanced Subscription System
Advanced Extra Packages
Advanced Banner System
OR default payment system of PHP Classifieds.

All available services are listed on one page. User may read full description for each item and choose what to purchase (Front end):

Coupons module is included. If the member knows promotional code he may receive a discount (Front end):

Choose any payment gateway which is supported in PHP Classifieds and make the payment. The order will be processed in automatical mode (Front end):

On this page all orders are listed. The customer may track the status of the order (processed or not), read and write comments for the order. If there is new comment a red notification message is shown. (Front end):

Edit the order. Read and write comments for the order. Every time the order is update the user and administrator receives email notifications. (Front end):

Add new additional service. Set the title, full description and the price. You may also enter function name which will be executed automatically when the payment is finished. This function receives user's ID automatically so it may update user's record in the database automatically. Contact us for more information about this feature. (Back end):

All Additional Services are listed on this page. Some serviced may be set to NOT-Active if you don't want to delete them from the database but want to hide from users. (Back end):

All orders are listed on this page. Admin can track how many comments are posted for the order, check the status of the order, view user's ads etc... (Back end):

Edit the order, read, write or delete comments, update order status. The user will be informed by email automatically once the order is updated by administrator. (Back end):

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